Utah’s Finest Custom Iron Work

Utah's Finest Custom Iron Work

As a local, family-owned custom blacksmith shop, we at Lightning Forge have proudly served Salt Lake Valley and the surrounding area for over 35 years. Our team specializes in iron stair rails, as well as fireplaces, light fixtures, fences, and so much more. We’re passionate about creating the most beautiful ornamental ironwork in all of Utah, and continually strive to hone our craft and provide clients with unusual, intricate, stunning ironwork they’re marveled at each and every day.

As Utah’s premier source for custom iron work, we offer stunning designs for your home or office.

As experienced, knowledgeable blacksmiths, it’s our job to create gorgeous ornamental ironwork that serves a practical purpose. Whether for an ornate privacy fence, visually-stunning stair railings, magnificent lighting fixtures, or any other custom ironwork, we remain committed to ensuring your home or office fixtures are as awe-inspiring as they are useful. That isn’t to say we don’t create decorative panels and similar artwork made especially for aesthetic purposes–we love those projects too!

Custom Iron Staircase Railing in a Beautiful Home in Utah

Add Something Special to Your Home

Allow our talented ironworkers to craft something unique and beautiful for your home. Whether you dream of a Romeo and Juliet-style balcony with elaborate ironwork, desire an attractive gate for your oft-used fireplace, or simply realize that iron fences far surpass any other type of fencing, you can count on Lightning Forge to create the stunning results you want.

Your home and property is an extension of you and should reflect your taste and style. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to transform your house into an artistic expression of your personality, and custom ironwork is a beautiful way to go about it. Contact Lightning Forge today!

Attention to Detail

When you choose to work with the Lightning Forge team, rest assured you’re working with professionals whose meticulous attention to detail is unmatched. From beginning to end, we ensure no part of the ornamental ironwork project is looked over or done hastily. Our staff of artists and iron workers pride themselves on creating the most intricate iron stair rails and other iron pieces in the entire state of Utah, and we make sure to produce exactly what the client wants. Whether interested in traditional, contemporary, rugged, elegant, or some interesting combination, we take the time needed to do the job right.


About Us

The Ernest Wiemann Top Job Contest is an annual awards competition that we at Lightning Forge have entered off and on since 1988. Members of NOMMA (National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association) from around the world compete in 17 categories. Judging is conducted during our annual METALfab conventions held all over the United States.
We have entered many different categories. We have placed bronze, silver, and gold over the years. Come on in and check out our awards!


Here at Lightning Forge, we listen to you! We can help you design the perfect addition to your home. We take pride in every piece that we fabricate. Below is a list of services that we offer:

  • CAD Drafting
  • Custom Welding
  • Fencing and Gates
  • Railings
  • Stairways
  • Structural Steel
  • Traditional Blacksmithing
  • Unique Art Pieces

Lightning Forge provides our clients with the highest quality of custom ornamental and miscellaneous metal work. When you have an idea for a project and need experts to help it come to pass, we are here with talent, experience, equipment, and imagination. We can help you bring your ideas into reality. Our clients range from homeowners to designers, architects, and contractors.

We utilize modern fabrication techniques, as well as traditional blacksmithing methods. We join material by welding, bolting, riveting, collaring, piercing, folding, and wrapping. By hot forging, we can create new shapes and sizes of materials that are unavailable elsewhere. This allows us to provide unique designs and finishes that won’t be matched by the average shop. The fact that you can’t buy it off the shelf does not mean that it can not be had.

We also maintain an enjoyable work environment where employees are compensated fairly for their hard work and performance, as well as, a fair return to the owners.


Hi Lacey.
As I mentioned to Christian, my husband and I are absolutely thrilled by how the bookshelves turned out. We knew they were going to be cool, but we didn’t know just how cool. They look magnificent…such a beautiful addition to our home! And we so appreciate how careful he and the crew were during the installation process. Very impressive given the weight & mass of the materials they were dealing with (and bringing them in through the window, no less). 
All the best,
The Olsens
Hi Lacey and Christian.
Thought I’d touch base to let you know how much Lance and I love the bookshelves you created & installed last Feb. The finish, the tonalities, the precise detailing around the intake vents…it’s all exquisite.
Pretty much everyday we take a moment to note what a wonderful addition the bookshelves are to our home. And such a relief to have room to grow into!
All the best,
The Olsens

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to write of my experience working with Lighting Forge, specifically Christian Difrancesco. I have felt that the amount of specializing for each of the products he creates in my behalf is the critical most unique aspect of his company. I am able to create as I dream for my interior design clients. Christian and his team listen carefully and work a great degree to ascertain my “custom design” meets my specifications. I could not be more pleased with the results of his work which are housed in projects across the country that our firm has been involved in. Besides the upscale craftsmanship I appreciate their willingness to try new things…and believe me I ask for that frequently. Our finishing requirements have always been “out of the ordinary” and I would have to say they have reached beyond their comfort zones to match my expectations.

My relationship with this company began when Christian was a young boy learning the trade from his most involved father. I watched as Christian learned the trade and began to be the foreman and slowly took over the business. I saw the son grow up to be in charge of this business and take it to a higher level. I am proud to say that I only turn to Lighting Forge for my projects and I plan on staying with them another 24 years!I bought this theme and i would like to recommend it to every one interested in building a website without knowledge of php or html. It is very convenient and the customer service is very reactive. I will say it in French “Bravo” for this work!

AMB Design


This letter is sent to you to express my appreciation for the integrity you’ve shown in the execution of the previous work you have contracted with Paulsen Construction for. Most of your work for us has been in bronze railings but you have also done some fine decorative grill work.

We’ve found the quality of your work to be excellent and you strive to accommodate the wishes of the client no matter how stringent they may be.

Two of the projects that stand out as significant that you have completed for us are the carriage house and west porch at the Utah State Governor’s Mansion and the Mormon Battalion Monument at the State Capitol grounds.

Thanks so much for the quality work you do. We hope there will be many more projects in the future for us to do together.

Craig Paulsen

Thanks to Lightning Forge we have a most unique, and beautiful porch roof. I have wanted a roof over our porch for twenty years and finally have one. For the last two years I worked with an excellent builder on ideas for the roof. Nothing seemed to work. We contacted Paul at Lightning Forge and he designed and fabricated an amazing roof. It is a curved wrought iron design with frosted acrylic panels on the top. It is supported by corbels and is a work of art. Everyone at Lightning Forge was professional and excellent to work with.

Thank you.